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Current Progress

Year-4 2014-2015

We started year 4 with a robot demonstration at Alexis Nihon and a seminar organised by the community of practice team as part of the 82nd ACFAS conference. We continued the year with the publication of a special issue dedicated to the CRIR Rehabilitation Living Lab in the Alter-European Journal of Disability Research. Moreover, we financed several student bursaries in the masters, doctoral and post-doctoral levels. New pilot projects were also financed spring 2015. Year 4 concluded with the presentation of a workshop at the EnoLL “Open LivingLab Days 2015” giving visibility to the RehabMALL on the international scene. We will also organize a general meeting to showcase all the accomplishments of the project since its’ beginnings in 2011.

A summary of our progress from May 2014 to August 2015 is provided in the timeline below.

Year-3 2013-2014

Our 3rd year of activity began in April 2013 with the submission a mid-term report to the FRQS, that allowed us to do an assessment of our progress. We also establish, based on the work of our evaluation group, the year 3 priorities. We also started a community of practice grouping members from different sectors: rehabilitation, research, community organizations, users and the society in general. We also financed new pilot projects targeting the implementation and evaluation of strategies or interventions. Our student stipend competition for PhD and Masters students in rehabilitation continued to ensure funding for the researchers of the future. We ended the year with a General meeting with all the researchers and partners to discuss the future of the Rehabilitation Living Lab and on the priorities for the last official year of the current funding.

A summary of our progress from April 2013 to April 2014 is provided in the timeline below.

Year-2 (2012-2013)

In March 2012-2013, we received confirmation of funding from the Fonds de recherche Québec-santé for the next 3 years of the project (2012-2015). During this year, we first began by pursuing the activities launched during the first year of the project such as the development of the website and the continuation of the different pilot projects. We also held several meetings with the members of our team to establish future orientations and plan year 2 of the project. Moreover, we shared our progress with our partners and our advisory committee. Year 2012-2013 was also an occasion to put in place working groups to begin the work of a continuous evaluation of the project, which constitutes one of our major strengths. The Living Lab project was also presented within different scientific events as well as targeting the general public. Moreover, we supported the next generation by financing students.

A summary of our progress from March 2012 to March 2013 is provided in the timeline below.

Year-1 (2011-2012)

Upon receiving approval from the FRQ-S for one year funding, our immediate goal was to put in place the necessary structure both in terms of personnel and procedure to ensure the overall functioning of the project, enhance team building, support various activities such as pilot projects and knowledge transfer and exchange (KTE) and finally, with the anticipated continued support from FRQ-S, ensure sustainability over the next three years and beyond. A summary of our progress since June 2011 is provided in the timeline below.



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