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Creating Inclusive Environments for Persons with Disabilities

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The Rehabilitation Living Lab project is the first interdisciplinary and multisectorial research study to explore the principal obstacles, either physical or psychosocial, to social participation and inclusion for persons with disabilities in a commercial mall environment, referred to as a Living Laboratory. More…

If you are a researcher, a student or a partner in the project, click on the "Members Only" link to access more useful information: procedures for data collection at Alexis Nihon, official documents, publications, etc. Updated February 2015

An informative video about the CRIR-Rehabilitation Living Lab in the Mall (RehabMaLL)

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ENoLLThe European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) will be holding their Open Living Lab days in Montreal this year!

On August 25th, the Rehab MaLL will be hosting a co-creation workshop in our very own living lab – The Alexis Nihon Mall!

Real users, members of our community of practice and other living labbers from all over the world will come together to help us co-create a more inclusive Food Court environment for those with disabilities. This co-creation will be done by looking at how we canmake improvements in the structural layout of the food court as well as through a new digital application. More updates to come!

For more information: click here CRIR-AlexisNihon

Canal M - Vues et Voix

Bonnie Swaine & Eva Kehayia speak about CRIR and their research activities.
Listen here

"​A Peak into Canada’s First Living Lab for Rehabilitation Research​"

written by a student working with Dr.Dahlia Kairy, Soukaine Paquin highlights our living lab and the intelligent wheelchair!

The smart power wheelchair is only one example of the many ongoing projects in the RehabMaLL. The potential of technology to optimize rehabilitation is clear. But if we want to develop rehabilitation technologies that stick, living labs are the way to go. Living labs are paving the road to the future by bringing rehabilitation research into an era of patient-empowerment and multidisciplinary collaboration. Let’s hope to see more of these initiatives across the country!

Click here for more info.

RECRUITMENT: The Intelligent Wheelchair Rehab MaLL Team


We are currently conducting a study to help develop an intelligent power wheel chair. We are conducting the study in the Alexis-Nihon shopping center and are looking for participants for this study. The study involves 2 sessions during which the person is asked to do a number of tasks in the wheelchair. There is also the possibility of participating in a brief interview to go discuss your experience in the wheelchair. This study will provide our team with some feedback to guide further developments of the IPW.

We are seeking for participants of 18 years of age or older that have been using a power wheelchair in the community for at least one year. Participants should not have cognitive, communication or psychological limitations.

If you think you could be interested, or know someone who might be, or if you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact me! Please feel free to send around in your setting to those who you think could be interested.

Dahlia Kairy

Cominar won another prize for the renovations at Alexis Nihon!

Last fall, Cominar received the Silver prize in the "Renovation and Expansions" category of the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) in the context of the Canadian Shopping Centers award. This award was given to them because of their willingness to make the environment more accessible shopping center and through their partnership with the PIRC. We are really proud to have contributed to this success. For more details, click HERE!

The Rehabilitation Living Lab invites you to become a member of its’ community of practice!

The RehabMaLL community of practice (CoP) brings together individuals from different backgrounds interested in social participation and inclusion of people with functional limitations. More…

As a member of the CoP receive information regarding research projects in the Living Lab, upcoming events and activities. You will also be invited to participate in knowledge transfer activities related to the Rehab MaLL projects! You will be invited to exchange with other members on issues that speak to you as well as to nourish reflection and the living lab by sharing your point of view on various topics. You will also be able to share relevant information with other members, such as web links, written or audio-visual documents, invitations to seminars or any event related to rehabilitation, social participation, and universal accessibility.

How to become a member for free? Send your information (name, profession/relation to the field of social participation and inclusion, email address) to the following address:
We are counting on your collaborative spirit!

Upcoming Conferences

May 2016

REPAR – Scientific Day and Annual Assembly
Intersectoral Rehabilitation Research: “An essential value to stimulate the development of an inclusive Quebec society”
Université Laval – Québec, Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Thematic Presentations

Projet Intersectoriel : Innovations sociales et technologiques en adaptation-réadaptation : vers une société québécoise inclusive/Intersectoral Project : Social innovations and technologies in adaptation-rehabilitation : towards a more inclusive Quebec society
Bonnie Swaine & Francois Michaud

Comment favoriser une meilleure participation sociale des personnes vivant avec l’aphasie/How to create a better social environment for those living with Aphasia
Guylaine Le Dorze

Leveling the playing field: Participation and knowledge translation for children with disabilities
Keiko Shikako-Thomas

Poster Presentations

La Thérapie par la danse, une pratique innovante : modèle logique et processus d’implantation dans un contexte de réadaptation/Therapy through dance, an innovative practive : logic model and process of implantation in the context of rehabilitation
LACHANCE B, PONCET F, PROULX GOULET C, BROUSSE E, McKINLEY P, SWAINE B. CIUSSS centre Sud Mtl - CRLB - CRIR - INLB – McGill University - Université de Montréal – Concordia University.

Changes in Robot-Assisted Reaching Performance of Stroke Subjects over Time in a Virtual versus a Physical Environment: a Pilot Study
NOROUZI N, ARCHAMBAULT P, FUNG J. McGill University - CRIR - Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital

Development and implementation of a new knowledge translation strategic initiative in rehabilitation
MONTPETIT-TOURANGEAU K, HALLÉ MC, KAIRY D, AHMED S, ANABY D, BUSSIÈRES A, GAGNON C, LAMONTAGNE ME, ROCHETTE A, SHIKAKO‐THOMAS K, THOMAS A. Université de Montréal - CRIR - McGill University - CanChild Centre for Childhood Disability Research - Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières - Université de Sherbrooke - Clinique des maladies neuromusculaires - CSSS Jonquière - Université Laval - CIRRIS

Aménagement sécuritaire de la salle de bain des aînés québécois : adaptation d’un outil d’aide à la décision papier (Algo) en version électronique (e-Algo)/Secure bathroom layouts for Quebec elders : suggestions for the electronic version of « decision paper » (Algo)s
SÉGUIN-TREMBLAY, N, GUAY M, GIROUX D, MORALES E, VINCENT C, AHMED S, GAUTHIER J, GENEST C, AUGER C. Centre de recherche sur le vieillissement de Sherbrooke (CDRV) - Université de Sherbrooke - Université Laval - Université McGill - (CSSS) de la Mauricie et du Centre du Québec - Services de soutien à domicile - (CSSS) de la Vieille-Capitale - Université de Montréal - CRIR

For more information, please click:
List of Posters
Official Announcement

Scientific Day « Andrée Forget et Conférence Gustave‐Gingras
Wednesday, May 18 2016, École de Réadaptation, Université de Montréal

La recherche en réadaptation dans un centre commercial, vraiment?/Rehabilitation Research in a shopping mall, really?
Drs Bonnie Swaine, Eva Kehayia, Annie Rochette, Claudine Auger, Dahlia Kairy & Tiiu Poldma

ACFAS : 82e & 84e Congrès
May 9-13, 2016, UQAM

L’effet buzz autour des laboratoires vivants : qu’advient-il après? Innovation ouverte et le laboratoire vivant RehabMALL : contextes et retombées
May 9, UQAM

For more information, click HERE!

Les effets de la participation publique en aménagement et urbanisme : leçons et réflexions tirées d’exemples suisses, français et québécois La cour de la politique : là où la recherche, la participation et la politique se rencontrent au centre commercial
May 9, UQAM

SHIKAKO THOMAS K, EHSAN A, VAIKLA-POLDMA T, WEINSTOCK D. CRIR, McGill University, Université de Montréal
For more information, click HERE!

Milieux de vie et vieillissement de la population : convergences des savoirs et innovations en aménagement Les conditions facilitant la participation sociale des aînés dans l’espace commercial : observations du Laboratoire vivant de réadaptation
May 13, Concordia University

VAIKLA-POLDMA T, SWAINE B, KEHAYIA E, LABBÉ, D. Université Montréal, McGill University, University of Québec in Montreal (UQAM)
For more information, click HERE!

June 2016

Conference CRIUGM (Montreal Geriatric University Institute)

Designing for an Aging population: Issues and practices in the urban interior environment Tiiu Poldma, Ph. D. For more information, click HERE!

Le Carrefour des connaissances » in motor, sensory and language deficiency

June 2, 2016, 12h-16h30, Centre de réadaptation Lucie-Bruneau, 2275, av. Laurier Est, Montréal.

The Carrefour was presented in collaboration with the CRIR and the CIUSSS du Centre-Sud-de-l’Île-de-Montréal along with the Centre de réadaptation Lucie-Bruneau, Institut de Réadaptation Gingras-Lindsay-de-Montréal and finally, the Institute Raymond-Dewar. This knowledge mobilisation activity brought together 41 researchers, 42 clinicians and 96 graduate students who presented their research in poster format to over 300 people.

To see the list of poster presentations, please click HERE!

Currently in the Living Lab

  • Drs Cyril Duclos, Rachid Aissaoui, Sylvie Nadeau and Noémie Duclos: Analysis of the determinants of asymmetrical locomotion in hemiparetic individuals and its impact on performance in an ecological environment.

  • Drs Dahlia Kairy, Joelle Pineau, Paula Stone, Islem Cheriet, Mahmoud Ghorbel, Martin Gerdzhev, Jean-Philippe Anctil, Anne-Marie Hébert : Reliability and validity of the Wheelchair Skills Test version 4.2 for power wheelchair and intelligent power wheelchair use in public spaces.

  • Drs Frédérique Poncet, Carolina Bottari, Hélène Pigot, Jean Gagnon, and Yael Goverover: Helping individuals with cognitive deficits manage their shopping expenses with the help of an iPad.

  • Drs Philippe Archambault, Isabelle Gélinas, Martin Lemay, and François Routhier : Evaluation of activities that can be accomplished with the JACO robotic arm within a living environment.

  • Drs Marie-Chantale Wanet-Defalque, Jean-Marie D'Amour, Jean-Marc Robert, Walter de Abreu Cybis, and Shad Gagnon : A tool to assess websites accessibility: development and validation with shopkeepers of Alexis Nihon shopping mall.

  • Drs Florian Grond, Walter Wittich, Aaron Johnson A, and Marie-Chantale Wanet-Defalque : Audible Pointers from the Real World - A Guidance System for Blind and Sighted Shoppers in the PSI-MALL.

  • Drs Anouk Lamontagne, Marie-Chantale Wanet-Defalque, Philippe Archambault, and Walter de Abreu Cybis : Navigating in the MaLL as community environment in stroke individuals: visuo-motor perspective.

Spotlight Story: The Intelligent Wheelchair in the MALL

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Listen to this video to learn more about what Dr. Forget and colleagues aim to accomplish with their intelligent wheelchair research.

Additional videos available here

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